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I have nothing to offer but high praise for Arlene; she is a dedicated, experienced, and passionate personal trainer! She sincerely cares about her clients' fitness needs, and works diligently to help acheive them. Even when you are not in a session with her, she makes it a point to follow up with you and making sure you are doing assigned runs and stretches. I highly recommend Arlene, she is exceptional and talented at her job, and goes a long way in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Give her a try, you will not regret it!

Avishek Kumer

I trained with Arlene for over 18 months and sadly had to leave and move up north. I can't thank Arlene enough for fully listening to me and tailoring the workout for my needs. She customized a workout schedule for me due to my prior injuries. She is a very dedicated trainer and has in-depth knowledge about strength training, pilates as well as yoga. She introduced me to TRX ( which I despised in the past) and made it so much fun that I would crave it. I started out not even able to do 1 full push up and in a matter of months, I was doing more than 70 in a go! I really miss training with her and wish her all the best....she is the best.

Shagufta Shaheen

I absolutely adore Arlene. I trained with her for a year and a half before I moved cities. Arlene is friendly, dedicated to your health and fitness and is just an absolute joy to train with. As someone who isn't crazy about the gym, I could always count on Arlene to be encouraging and meet me at my level of fitness. Thanks Arlene, you're the best!

Aadila Sabat-St Clair

Arlene is an extraordinary trainer! She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and flexible. I have been training with her for nearly two years and have become much stronger. I’m willing to try things with Arlene’s guidance that I would never try on my own or in a group setting. Arlene helps me stay on track without ever making me feel judged or scolded. As someone who found fitness as an adult and was not an athlete as a kid, training with Arlene has never given me scary gym class flashbacks! I’m so grateful to Arlene for helping me to keep fitness a priority in my life.

Jessica Muñoz

I've been working with Arlene for over two years. Before that my longest consistent training had been in about 3 month intervals and then I'd lose interest. Arlene is motivational by being fun without needing to make you feel like you're in military bootcamp. She gets to know where you are with your fitness in order to provide incremental training to help you continuously reach new goals. You can't go wrong with Arlene!

Mike Zugelder

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