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Pre and Post natal

I have educated myself in Pre and Post natal exercise and nutrition but being Pregnant twice, I know first hand just how much our muscles, ligaments, hormones and sudden weight imbalance can get the body out of whack. The body needs to be nurtured at this time as well as being careful with all exercises. Your body can change daily. maybe something you did yesterday doesn't happen for you today and that's ok. If you haven't worked out before and you want to start now? no problem, lets see what the body can do slowly and not push it out of any comfort zone. Your body and baby will thank you.

What I Can Do For You

Private Training

Whether you have never worked out before or just tired of the lack of results, I cater to your specific needs in every session. Whatever you need to push through barriers and reach your next level of health and fitness, I will be there every rep of the way.

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

Health Coach

Thanks to my life long experience and formal education in nutrition, I will help you make better choices with food and your mental attachment to it. There are so many conflicting articles, ideas and fads out there that it can be very frustrating to sift through and understand what is healthy and unhealthy for you. I lay it down as simple as possible how to make healthy choices that are sustainable and affordable on any budget. I offer diet recommendations based on your unique goals, lifestyle and body type.

Yoga, Pilates, and Dance

My background in dance including Ballet, Contemporary, Dance fitness, and Jazz has inspired my creativity in the movement of the body. If the body can't do a particular exercise, we can always work out that muscle a different way and maybe even have some fun along the way. I also teach and practice Yoga and Pilates regularly. It's amazing for the strength of the mind, body, flexibility, posture and working on the smaller muscle groups to help out those big ones. I specialise in Yoga and Pilates as well as flexibility conditioning that will lead to increased injury prevention and improved postural alignment.


Prices online or in person

Nutrition consultation - 1 hr            AED 250 per session

Private Training- 1 hr                       AED 250 per session Private Training- 1/2 hr        AED 140 per session.      

Private Training- 1 hr 1x per week     AED 1000 a month

Private Training- 1 hr 2x per week    AED 1900 a month

Private Training- 1 hr 3x per week    AED 2800 a month

Prices do not include travel time to clients residence or gym. Travel time can be from AED 30- AED 50 additional each session.

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