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My Story

Born and raised by an ultra marathon running mother and Naturopathic step father in Queensland Australia, I grew up immersed in nutrition and fitness. I was very involved in running and dance as a child, and had the privilege of performing in the Goodwill Games opening ceremony in Brisbane Australia as a dancer. 

By the time I was 19, I completed a bachelor's degree of Performing Arts in Rockhampton, Australia and my certificate 3 in fitness. I moved to Sydney after graduating, where I taught dance aerobics.

In 2009 I was selected to work as a personal trainer for Princess Cruises, teaching Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Spin, and conducting nutrition seminars. Trying to change a person's perception of health and fitness in a short amount of time was no easy task, but I loved the challenge! I trained people of all fitness levels and body types, and quickly realised that maintaining a healthy lifestyle wasn't easy for everyone. I saw how a person's perception on health is based on how they are raised, their emotional ties with food, and their influences through life. I also realised how these perceptions could be changed.

After my work on the ship, I continued my fitness career as a gym instructor in Sydney. My life took an unexpected turn when I met my husband while on vacation in the United States in 2012. Next thing you know, I'm leaving the comfort of my life in Australia for the USA. I personal trained in Oregon for over a year, we then moved to Southern California. Our lives soon took another much more exciting and meaningful change when I found out I was pregnant! It wasn't what the fitness and nutrition books were exactly telling me as every body's body is different. I started to learn a lot about pre and post natal and I completed my Precision Nutrition health coach certification.

Well 2020 was an interesting year for not just me but for the world. I found out I was pregnant, a week later COVID-19 pandemic started, so I started training virtually and continued to do ongoing education about fitness and nutrition. A few months later my husband found out he got a job in Dubai starting around the due date. We sold the house had another beautiful baby girl before we left then said goodbye to California, travelled to Dubai and continued to train my clients virtually.

With little ones running around, My life has took on a new purpose, as I am not just keeping fit for myself, but also for my children. My goal is to provide them the same level of health and nutrition exposure as I received while growing up. 

My creativity and love for fitness have always gone hand in hand as I have found I can create fun and challenging workouts with or without equipment. I also love expressing art through the body with Dance and Yoga. 


My vision for my clients

Sometimes it's a lack of education that's stopping people from exercise. Other times it may be emotional blockages, excuses or motivation. I love helping people get rid of these excuses, and getting through these mental barriers to allow them to start and sustain their fitness journey. I take the approach of beginning at my clients health and goals, peeling back the layers of barriers to these goals to create a long term and sustainable pathway to a  fit and healthy lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, it is not a quick fix and it won't be easy. At the same time I don't think it's necessary to give up everything you love eating and workout continuously because balance is a key to succeeding. My goal is not only to educate and train my clients, but to also give them the intrinsic motivation they need to change the way they view health and fitness.


  • ACE certified Personal Trainer

  • Precision Nutrition Health Coach Certification

  • TRX, Pilates, Yoga and Strength training certified

  • ACE sports nutrition specialist 

  • Pre and Post natal certification

  • Bodyshred, cycle and dance teacher (ballet, contemporary)

  • Experience in training different body types, goals, needs, ages, working through past injuries and challenges

  • 11 years Personal and group Training experience

  • Weight loss or weight/muscle gain through exercise and nutrition

  • I incorporate functional fitness, strength, cross training, balance, Bodyweight training, flexibility, injury prevention and muscle soreness with myofascial release 

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